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  • 1) Students have to carry ID cards with themselves in the institute and show the same while entering, failing which they have to pay Rs. 25 for the gate pass entry.
  • 2) The classes will be conducted sharp at 9:30/10:00 A.M. and the students should be present during that time in the class. Grace period of 15 min will be allowed.
  • 3) If the students get absent they need to inform the competent authority either in advance or submit a letter in this regard before entering class the next day.
  • 4) If the student is absent for 3 consecutive days without informing the authority, his/her name will be cancelled from the list and the student has to take re-admission after payment of Rs 2500 as re-admission charges.
  • 5) Students are not allowed to work as Reporters, Correspondents or conduct sting operations without the permission or without having the authority letter from the concerned authority in writing. Institute will not take any responsibility for such acts.
  • 6) Any damage to the institute’s property or premises will be borne by the students.
  • 7) Students are not allowed to bring any mobile, jewelry, gold, silver, diamond or valuable ornaments, or electronic gadgets to the institute. Any theft or misplacement of such articles will be the student’s responsibility.
  • 8) Students carrying mobiles at their own risk should keep the mobile on silent mode.
  • 9) It is compulsory for all the students to appear in the internal examinations, if fail to attend they will have to pay fee of Rs 500 for each supplementary internal examination.
  • 10) 80% of attendance is compulsory for each and every student, failing which the students will not be allowed to appear for the final examination.
  • 11) Internship letter will be issued only from the month of January to July every year and only for the final year students.
  • Note: - Internship letter to 1st year and 2nd year of BMC course will not be issued. If students who are not in their final year request internship letters, they need to submit a written application for the same along with a fee of Rs. 100 for each letter.
  • 12) The following documents will be issued to the students after 2 consecutive working days from the time they inform the concerned authority in writing: a) Letter of Authority b) Bonafide student’s letter c) Character certificate d) Internship letter e) Letter of Recommendation f) Certificate/Degree/Diploma g) Statement of fee h) Provisional Certificate Note: - Duplicate copy of the received application should be kept with the student as a record. Request for additional issue of letters like Bonafide letter which is issued one time only or letters that are issued one time only after passing out like character certificate and provisional certificate will need to be accompanied by a written application for the same and a payment of Rs. 100 for each letter. The Institute will take two consecutive working days to issue the same to you after the fee of Rs. 100 has been paid.
  • 13) Request for practice /extra classes students have to take the time in writing from Acadamic coordinator well in advance.
  • 14) Equipment (shooting, print etc) will be issued to the students only when they inform the concerned authority in writing 2 working days in advance.
  • 15) Shooting equipment will be issued between 9:30 am – 5:30 pm. Note: - In case of late night shooting or early morning shooting students need to get the letter of recommendation from the authority /IIMM Director.
  • 16) Students will be permitted to use the shooting equipment only if they submit the script with the Academic Coordinator.
  • 17) The following should be borne by the students: a) Cassettes for shooting and recording. b) Compact disk for data transfer. c) Print development of print shoot. d) Research work and print out. e) Transportation at the time of shoot.
  • 18) Material such as cassette (audio/video), photograph, poster, research material becomes the property of the institute after completion of work/ project. It will be sent to the record maintenance division and can be made available to the students on request.
  • 19) The editing of the programs will be facilitated for the students only when the voice over, script, name of the student doing VO is submitted to the editor and after getting the approval from the Academic Coordinator.
  • 20) Students have to complete within the time limit, for the given program failing which the editing will be postponed until the availability of the editing machine.
  • 21) Extra classes/computer facility /shooting/editing will not be provided on Sundays or holidays, request should not be made for this.
  • 22) The students have to remember that the institute does not give placement guarantee, it gives only placement assistance.
  • 23) The change of the Address/Telephone/Mobile /Email ID should be incorporated by the student in the original and the data of the institute. The institute will not be responsible for any information being not delivered.
  • 24) The study material in the Post Graduation course will be provided in English only, although the students are free to take the examination in Hindi Medium.

Placement /Internship

  • 25) Placement /Internship assistance will be given only to those students who fulfill the following criteria: a) 80% attendance in the class and the other activities including placement drives and interview preparation sessions that are conducted by the Institute (medical and other exemption is not applicable) b) Completing all the class assignments/presentations /research/case studies in all the subjects. c) Qualifying in the internal test and exams. d) Maintaining good behavior and discipline. Note: - If the teacher is absent due to some reason then the class will be cancelled for that particular hour/day.
  • 26) Any complaints /Notice/Information made by the students should be in written form and a duplicate copy of the same should be retained by the students with the signature and stamp at the time of submission.
  • 27) Any assurance/commitment given by the institute/institute authority should be obtained in the written form.
  • 28) Penalty will be imposed on students if they do not return equipment/Library books/Research material on the prescribed time/day.
  • 29) Prior appointment should be taken by the parents for the purpose of meeting with the Director/ Director Human Resources/ Assistant Director…
  • 30) Students are instructed not to make a call on the mobile phones of Directors/Chairman.
  • 31) These authorities are available in the office from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. on weekdays. Students are requested to call on the official landline numbers.
  • 32) After 6 P.M., staff members and management have their own personal life. So, it is requested not to bother the staff after 6 P.M. on weekdays.

Fees and Accounts Rules

  • 33) The fees are to be submitted to the accounts department only and the students are requested to collect the receipt.
  • 34) The annual statement of fees will be provided to the students only when they submit copy of the fee receipt along with the request letter.
  • 35) The fees of the institute is non refundable and cannot be adjusted for any alternative course or for a subsequent session.
  • 36) Extension for fee installment should be informed to the concerned authority well in advance. Last moment requests will not be entertained and a fine will be charged.
  • 37) The institute will not remind the students to pay their installments again and again.
  • 38) For all bounced and dishonoured and returned cheques, a fine of Rs. 1000 per dishonoured cheque will be levied.

Library Rules

  • 39) Library facility will be available to the students only after 2:30 P.M.
  • 40) Books will be issued to students from the library only if the student is having the Library membership.
  • 41) The students can issue two books at a time.
  • 42) Books will be issued for a week. If any book is over due for return, a fine of Rs. 50 per day shall be imposed in case of default.
  • 43) In case of loss or damage of books, the concerned student shall have to bear the cost of the book or otherwise replace the same.

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